Aerocopter AK1-3

Light utility 2 seat helicopter

Commercial helicopter

The AK1-3 is a best in class 2 seat piston ship with features found only in larger helicopters.

Light utility 2 seats helicopter kit Aerocopter AK1-3

Water cooled 156 HP Subaru engine as used in over 1000 aircrafts

The AK 1-3 power-plant is a 156 hp, fuel injected, Subaru EJ-25. It is liquid cooled and was chosen for it's reliabilty and excellent power to weight ratio.

It uses premium automotive (car) fuel.

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Roomy 53 " cabin
with conventional dual cyclic controls

The cabin of the helicopter accomodates two crew members comfortably. The width of the cabin at shoulder level is 1200 mm (vs. Robinson R.22 - 1055 mm).

No t-bar here! 

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Helicopter craftsmanship

"I rate the engineering design and build quality as outstanding.
It would be an injustice to compare this helicopter to existing crop of kit-helicopters. I would rate this craft between a R22 Beta II and the Schweitzer 269C in terms of its weight lifting capacity, performance and cabin size"

– Albert Questiaux, SA